Dating unattractive women

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The assumption that on dates the man will pay for everything, I don’t mind but not when we’re 3 dates in and you haven’t even paid for a cordial.

Being very short with messages or in conversations. Looks are important but they shouldn’t be a replacement for a personality!

One of the things that bugs me most is the expectation of what a guy should do.

A little is ok but keep the false advertising for magazines!

Women that don’t want to eat or nibble at the table: “I’m watching my figure” then go home and chow down like they haven’t eaten for a week.

Also, getting ratty at that special time of the month and seemingly managing to blow everything out of all proportions. Bad hygiene is a definite U-turn – bad breath, bad teeth or excessive hair.

The stupid “hi yaaaaa” that girls do when they meet their friends – arms thrown in the air, loud and high pitched for maximum attention – these are my friends, all mine!

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