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And of course, men also have an obvious interest in making their dating options larger and more palatable.

By making women overall more submissive, they increase their own dating options (and, possibly, dating pleasure).

And it has a chapter called: who advice to be more independent. This is the same for men who write dating resources and have a gripe against women.

And this is one of the reasons why I recommend you don’t take relationship advice from dating authors.

The strong woman is at the opposite end of the spectrum though. However, purely speaking about sex appeal, broadest pull by far is that of the feminine woman who can breath sexual energy into her demeanor.

The pool of men she’s interested -and who are interested in her! Indeed all three top seducing strategies that we reviewed, all use a hint of submissivness.

I will be using interchangeably “strong woman” or “independent woman”.

Strong women tend to be:: Of course, strong women can be feminine as well, but it’s more difficult to be feminine as a strong, independent woman. Strong women are comfortable with: By submissive woman, I am referring to the more traditional type of woman.

A strong woman is good at reading people, so if she gets the vibe that you’re not in a good mood or you need space, she’ll give you what you need and more than likely wait for you to come to her, so you can work it out.She might have a job and even do financially well, but she prioritizes her family and her relationships.In the relationship she tends to defer more to her man, be less opinionated and, overall, be more submissive.Do you know the Bruce Lee quote, “be like water my friend? Women, on average, are very good at being like water and adapting to their environment. It means that most women in the west will say, and maybe even actually believe, that they are independent.Well, human beings on average are very good at adapting to the prevailing social customs. And most women in cultures that prize (or force) women to be traditional, will say they are good, traditional housewives. The proponents of the strong woman says that the submissive woman one gets played and abandoned.

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