Dating profile long walks on the beach

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*wink* So take an opportunity to sneak away with your hubby and enjoy a nice time alone to celebrate your relationship.

” No, these are the motherfuckers who are looking for me: My God, where to begin? In this particular set, I managed to only open two: “wow” and “for real..”.

Let me just say, it only gets worse when you open them. I’m going to give these guys some helpful online dating tips because I am a nice person. I flip over beetles who have gotten stuck on their backs so they won’t die on the sidewalk.

The message inside of “wow” turned out to be a run-on sentence. When I see turtles on the road I’ll stop and move them so they won’t get hit by cars.

Activities like running and cycling are winners any time of year, but if you’d like to mix things up this summer, look to fun seasonal sports like beach volleyball, swimming and stand-up paddleboarding.

All are more than just great ways to pass the time — they also burn some serious calories.

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