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However, proceed with some caution even here: forgers can repeat a serial number of the same model on a fake Patek Philippe watch. The appraiser will extensively examine the watch to ensure its authenticity and value.

If you have further questions regarding True Facet’s authentication process, contact our concierge representative here.

Patek Philippe watches are hotly coveted and their incredible demand makes them ripe for counterfeits. Patek Philippe is a renowned and, considered by some, the world’s premier watchmaker; the 175-year old brand has been consistently setting and then raising the bar for industry standards.

While we recommend bringing your watch to a professional to examine its authenticity, here are some precautionary steps you can take on your own to flag potential fake Patek Philippe watches. Therefore, they take incredible pride in the absolute perfection of their watches, which makes a fake’s otherwise minor inconsistencies glaringly obvious by contrast. Patek Philippe watches sit at the highest end of the luxury watch spectrum and are priced accordingly.

The museum also has a library with over 8000 publications on time and time measurement.

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How To Understand Patek Philippe Serial Numbers [11/97 ...: How To Understand Patek Philippe Serial Numbers.

It will restore & maintain fine watches, jewelry, antiques, platinum, gold, silver, aviation grade titanium, stainless steel, chrome, acrylics, Bakelite, Plexiglas & any metal or plastic.

The watches named and other brands listed are the sole property of their respective owners.

This tour highlights the historical significance of the art of watchmaking and enamelling.

Directions (via Google Map) Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 14h00 - 18h00Saturday 10h00 - 18h00 Closed on following bank holidays: Friday 19th to Monday 22th April, Thursday 30th May, Monday 10th June, Thursday 1st August, Thursday 5th September.

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