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Fighting is giving into an emotional craving and very quickly leads to you passionately speaking through anger and defensiveness, exaggerating facts and saying things you don’t mean.

When two egos get involved in a fight, they tear the relationship between them into shreds.

1) The first step to cut out fighting is letting go of your own anger.

Respect and love for the other person means putting your ego down and being OK with them the way they are.That is, if the other person is fighting with you, they care about you or see you as significant in their life.Most of the time the fights and arguments that break out have nothing to do with the problem at hand.c) Realize that if you truly love and respect the other person, you will put your ego aside and invest in stopping the destructive behaviors.There are times where I feel the urge to fight or argue with someone I’m close to when they push my buttons. Sometimes I get sucked into the drama and it becomes a very ugly conversation. What is it I am able to do when I don’t give in versus the times that I do?

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