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Maybe you’re a restauranteur and a friend helped you with your latest opening.Maybe you’re an office worker and a colleague has just offered to help you organize a committee.Plus: tips on when to send handwritten thank-you notes versus thank-you cards versus thank-you emails.“Thank you so much.” “Please accept my deepest thanks.” “I appreciate your consideration.”There are a hundred different ways to say thank you.Over the course of your career, you’ll get a lot of assistance from your personal and professional network, especially when you’re going through a job search.Your contacts will let you know about job openings, write recommendations, help you network, interview you for open positions, and more."SIYANQOBA" is a derived from the Zulu word meaning "TO CONQUER", which is the dedication and passion that the owners and employee's offer to our customers.

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Read advice on whom to thank and how to say thank you, including tips for writing thank-you letters and sample letters.

Reviewing samples will help you customize a letter than shows your appreciation. After a job interview, or when someone has given you career assistance, you’ll want to express your thanks right away. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to express your thanks in email format.

Make sure your message is professional by reviewing email thank-you note samples.

However, sometimes you’ll want to send an appropriate card with a handwritten note.

Other times, you will send a formal business letter.

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