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After reading Dating Dead Men I do agree that there are a lot of similarities in their writing styles and that Kozak, with a little fine tuning, is on the right track to follow in Evanovich's footsteps.Like Stephanie Plum, Kozak has created a hilarious and likeable female character in Wollie Shelly.Harley Jane Kozak was born in 1957, the youngest of eight children, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.Shortly after her birth, her father died and her mother moved the family to North Dakota and then to Lincoln, Nebreska to teach music at the university.In the Acknowledgement section of her book Kozak states, "It took a long time to write this book, due to interesting day jobs and a dawdling nature - so long that the list of those who helped me out along the way is also ... It took so long that several people actually died waiting for it and several others were born (to me).To the former, I apologize for not writing faster; to the latter, for typing while breast-feeding." According to the author biography a sequel to Dating Dead Men is in the works and hopefully it will not take as long to write as this one did.She needs the money, and she reasons that proximity may help her solve the crime and protect Joey from a murder charge.With a bad dye job and a bitchy, egomaniac for a co-worker, Wollie soon has reason to regret accepting the job.

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The relationship only has a two-week history, but so far things look promising.Kozak very sensibly lays out the foundation for further novels in the series, and it’s obvious to this reader, at least, that Simon and Joey are a doomed mismatch of wildly contrasting personalities. This, in a way, was kind of disappointing to me because I would have liked to see more on The Dating Project.(reviewed by Kam Aures JUN 01, 2004) "The Dating Project consisted of fifteen women around the country dating six hundred men over a period of six months, in an organized and documented manner. Greetings Corporation seems to always catch Wollie at the wrong time making the prospect of an upgrade look bleak. It also added a little bit of confusion to the novel in that it was hard to keep all of the characters straight since many appeared only for a very short time.As the murder investigation continues, Wollie juggles the demands of with her desire to help and protect Joey.Hounded by paparazzi, Joey’s life is further complicated by her ongoing marital dispute with her husband, Elliott—a man who “made and lost small fortunes three times in two decades” and whose face “suggested hard playing and late nights.” Wollie is an extremely likeable heroine and an easy-going character.

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