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when they are your manager), continue to resist temptation and keep things professional. There are too many scenarios when it doesn’t work out, and then you’re stuck working with that colleague.Or even when it does work out, dating may feel challenging enough in the beginning—let alone having to see the person on a regular, daily basis, which can impact your performance at work, concentration and productivity, as well as others around you.It has fostered suspicion among my peers that our compensation is impacted by this relationship.It has also created difficulties because most of our reports believe their Complicating matters, I also believe Jane to be the least effective people manager.He was a gentleman and was very respectful, which I appreciated, but there was no connection. Would it be inappropriate to send him an email just to inform him I have applied for a position at his company?I know I have less of a chance of the hiring manager looking at my résumé because I am not a local and would be relocating.and it puts an awful lot of unfair pressure on her. He has developed a close friendship with one of the managers, Jane, who reports to him. They spend most of each day alone with each other in one or the other’s office.

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Or should I try and find a different job, and then ask? You have to continue working each other, and it’s not fair to introduce that potential for discomfort into her daily work environment.Yeah, even if your boss and Jane aren’t actually having an affair, they’re behaving so intimately with each other that of course people will worry about favoritism and bias.Throw in that your boss has shown that he’s not willing to act on problems with Jane, and it gets worse.If you hadn’t worked together before those lunch dates, the connection would be too tenuous to be useful.But you have an actual professional connection from working on a project together previously, so I think you can mention it to him like you would with any other professional connection.

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