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A background in the Forensic Field is not always necessary, nor is a degree or even A levels (in some forces).Previous work in the Public sector or dealing empathetically with the public will help.If you are looking for Glamour, Gadgets and Grissom you won't find them here.Forget what you think you know about 'Forensics', these are the tales of one man and his brush.Let me start by giving specific examples and use that to drive home my generalized "aha! One of Genghis Khan's strategy to scare tribes and kingdoms into surrender was to brutally kill his captives in public - burning them alive, using them as cannon balls, just to list a couple.Now that is superlative of cruelty by any standards.

This obviously indicates that he himself did not believe in those religious beliefs.Most Senior SOCOs/CSI's are likely not to have these qualifications and may even frown on them or indeed feel threatened.Prepare to be open minded and not full of stuff you learned in a classroom.2.My grandmother had a catalba tree behind her house, near the back door.I always called it the bean tree, and didn't actually know it's name until I re-read Prodigal Summer by Barabra Kingslover this month.

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