Dating an over the road truck driver

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According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), wearing a seat belt doubles your chances of surviving a crash.

Seat belts prevent drivers and occupants from getting thrown out of the vehicle.

Drivers must constantly keep an eye out for adverse weather conditions, other drivers, construction zones, and more. It’s often very tempting for them to play movies, watch videos, and use their cell phones to help pass the time.

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But applying the brakes to a situation that's been going downhill for decades is a slow process.But over-the-road drivers can become easily distracted by a number of things throughout the day. Check your local regulations and company policies about hands-free options. Drivers should only enter their routes and adjust the settings when parked in safe place. Try to pack foods that don’t require you to use any utensils. Driver drowsiness is a hot topic for this industry.Drivers need to be smart about what they pack in their lunches. In recent years, several state and federal laws have resulted from this problem.Still, guys like Boschee are seeing results—and leading the way for others.If they can lose weight and build muscle in an environment that's hostile to that effort, you can too. Of the two charts above, you'll notice that the one on the top, which monitors the metabolism of a typical long-haul truck driver over a 24-hour period, is largely flat.

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