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If you are a non-resident and own a property in Spain, whether or not you rent it out, you will need to submit a tax return and pay Spanish property taxes for non-residents (or imputed income tax on your property) as well as local Spanish property taxes. Spanish income taxes are split between state and region and while the state has reduced taxes and simplified income tax bands, this has not happened right across Spain.

Each region sets its own Spanish tax bands and rates of income tax, so how much income tax you pay depends on where you live. Although tax rates in Spain are not uniform across the country, for simplicity purposes below are the basic Spanish tax rates applied to employment income.

The process of managing your tax declarations, optimization, and planning in Spain may be much easier with the help of accounting and tax advice services such as Balcells International Lawyers Group, adm, or ATA Spain, who can assist you with every phase of the process.

Despite the fact that every US citizen and Green Card holder is required to file a tax return with the IRS even when living abroad, many expatriates still fail to do so.

If you are a non-resident in Spain you will only pay tax in Spain on Spanish income – typically at a flat rate – which also includes potential income on Spanish property even if you don’t rent out your property.

Spanish tax is also applied to property ownership, investment interest and goods and services (VAT) in Spain.

If you have been living in Spain for six months (183 days) or more of the calendar year (not necessarily consecutively) or you have your main vital interests in Spain (for example, your family or business is in Spain), then you are classed as a Spanish resident for tax purposes.

As a Spanish resident, you will need to submit a Spanish tax return and pay Spanish income tax on your worldwide income if: 720, or Form 720).

You will need to submit your tax return for the 2018 calendar year by 30 June 2019.Many are unaware of these obligations, thinking that as an expat they do not need to pay or file tax returns in the US. For more information and help filing your US tax returns from Spain, contact Taxes for Expats and see our guide to taxes for American expats.The general flat income tax rate for non-residents is 24%, or 19% if you are a citizen of an EU/EEA state.Accountant, Attorney, Practice Sales, Loans, Retirement, IT/HIPAA, etc. If you are living and working in Spain, you will be liable to pay taxes in Spain on your income and assets and will need to file a Spanish tax return.

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