Dating a man with a girlfriend

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At some point, your heart and emotions will be toyed with throughout this situation.

You’ll want to look back on your young years with happy memories, so save yourself the angst and find someone who is deserving.

I've never had a real relationship, and I'm okay with that.

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You know how when you were a kid, you vied for the attention of your parents or teachers?Chances are, he’ll know how to manipulate his significant other into believing that it was never anything anyway.And no matter what age you are, girls are crazy b*tches.I used to believe in the phrase, “If you love two people, choose the second.Because if you really loved the first, you never would’ve loved the second.”I’m calling complete bullsh*t on this one now, simply because if homeboy ever loved either one, he never would’ve loved the other.

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