Consolidating multiple email accounts

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No doubt, merging AOL mailboxes helps you in doing your work fast and efficiently.The platform helps users to merge their alternate email address directly into AOL Mail.This would largely depend on how many social accounts you have in total.The Pro Plan has space for up to 8, and the Business Plans have space for up to 150 (depending on the specific Business Plan you choose). If you have multiple accounts on the Pro or Business Plan and you’d like to move to a larger plan to consolidate, the first decision would be which Business Plan has enough space to house your social accounts. If you need to manage more than 150 social accounts, we also offer Enterprise Plans.Considering the amount of time people spend reading and answering email, having more than one email account can make that process even more complex and time consuming.First, you could open each email account in its own tab in a web browser.The EU is implementing new data privacy rules, known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).While we fully support and are working diligently toward meeting all GDPR requirements, we have determined that we will not complete this effort by the regulation’s start date later this month.

This would give you more overall space than one Small Business Plan, but it wouldn’t be as efficient.Our Small Business Plan (/month) allows you to connect up to 25 social accounts in total.If you need more space, you might like to consider our Medium Business Plan (9/month), which has space for up to 50 social accounts, or our Large Business Plan (9/month), which has space for up to 150.If you want to free up the email address on an account, close the account or change the email address connected to your account in your settings.Once you change the email address, you can deactivate the account and use your original email address on another account.

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