Communication of love and decision making power in dating relationships

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As long as we’re human, we will feel, we will fail, we will doubt, and we will fall. The problem is when we let ourselves become victims of those things. Avoid that with strong communication that strives for clarity.And if you’re new to the idea of open relationships, you might be surprised at the variety of forms they take.Think of you and your partner(s) as members of a team.Your goal is to make the relationship as fulfilling as possible for everyone involved.A big percentage of monogamous relationships follow the Relationship Escalator model: However, when you enter the realm of non-monogamy — or even “less conventional” monogamy, you’ll see that this simple model no longer applies.

The amount of challenging emotions that usually come with open relationships can actually be a blessing in disguise, as behind each of them there are usually endless opportunities for growth.

But if you want an open relationship, there are ways to overcome these problems.

From my experience as a relationship coach and as a long term polyamorous person, I’ve learned that the only way to achieve deep happiness in open relationships is by developing communication skills.

Opening up my relationship was one of the best decisions I made in my life.

Have you ever been curious about opening up your relationship, but never gathered the courage to try it out — or even to mention it to your partner? A study published by You Gov shows that only 51% of people under 30 years old reported that their ideal relationship is completely monogamous.

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