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“Park city wine fest w/ @michellemoney,” he wrote alongside a selfie with the We TV star.

Your brain will never be more sponge-like and inexhaustible.

FM: Do you have a tattoo that’s especially meaningful?

I have a flying saucer on my wrist that my dad had on his neck.

He shoves her hard across the stage, and she stumbles in her heels and falls forward onto the floor, legs splayed apart in her short dress, eyes closed the whole time.

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He strolls across the stage holding a microphone, then grabs a noticeably drugged-out backup dancer and kisses her on the mouth.

The tight jeans he’s wearing are now strategically torn in back, and she can see the pale skin just inside.

” But as her manicured fingers near their target, he suddenly reaches down and squeezes her hand, then turns and shimmies off across the stage, raising a bottle of expensive tequila to his mouth and gulping it down like water.

.”Like a young Mick Jagger, the singer is shirtless and skinny, ugly and pretty.

Despite the heady promise of drugs and debauchery coursing through the young and predominantly white crowd, not exactly.

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