Christian dating no physical attraction are emma watson and rupert grint dating 2016

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In any case, ageing, illness, stress and good old familiarity will cause that wild attraction to fade, and it’s friendship and character that will keep the love alive. Attraction can develop over time, so it’s wise to get to know a good man or woman before making any rash decisions – they might just surprise you.

But if you’re sure there’s no spark there, it may be time to do the kindest thing for both of you, and agree to be ‘just good friends’.

I don’t know about you, but the propect of getting physical with someone I’m not attracted to makes me recoil in horror.

Your spouse is not just your friend (although, of course, they must be that, too).

We need much more for a strong, healthy marriage, and it’s all too easy to be blinded to a person’s bad character or incompatibility by infatuation.

Forgive me for putting this bluntly, friends, but marrying someone means vowing to have sex with them regularly for the rest of your life (health and old age allowing).

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While I do think you must be physically attracted to your wife, I don’t think she needs to have the ideal “type” of body parts that you would most prefer.

If you are not attracted at all to her, then don’t date her or marry her.

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