Chivalry while dating

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Bi-lingual relatives in white undershirts and aprons coated with pizza dust expertly flip and shape the dough as they look up at a tiny TV set perched in the corner that blasts Italian gameshows and soccer matches.

There’s the olfactory delight of Josephine’s sauces simmering on the back burner (a secret family recipe), combined with the scents of olive oil, basil, garlic, and fresh formaggio and mozzarella cheeses.

He was old enough to be my grandfather yet he let me know, in his own way, that he could still admire beauty in a younger woman without being lecherous or denigrating.

This may be considered a politically incorrect statement, but I do believe that women gain a certain confidence from the respect and admiration of men, which is just as valuable to their self-esteem as meeting their own benchmarks and leaving a legacy in the world.

Josephine breezes in during the late afternoons, always impeccably dressed, right down to her black stiletto heels.

She answers the phone and takes orders, her finely manicured fingernails flashing as she writes.

I often visit him in his nursing home, sitting in a seat of honor at his 1930‘s mahogany desk, writing down scenes from his life’s story in screenplay form.

We are in the process of turning his life experiences as a naval officer during WWII into a movie.

She had her chin tucked down into the collar of her fine coat, and her heels clicked on the asphalt.

He smelled of Old Spice and cigars, and there was that certain “something” in the twinkle of his blue eyes as he watched me pass that made me hold my head a little higher, as if I were Katharine Hepburn in a ‘40s film, gliding past, commanding his attention, worthy of his respect.

I found his gaze refreshingly free of the salacity and careless disregard that so often taints male-female interactions.

She presents herself so tastefully she might as well be running a five-star restaurant in Boston rather than a charming small town pizza store on the North Shore.

Sometimes her handsome twins work for a few months and the whole family seems to move as one unit, the energy of the young and old perfectly combined, each respectful of one another, all hard working.

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