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Desi Chinese actually dates back to a few hundred years ago created by the small Chinese community from the Hakka region that settled in Kolkata in the late 19th century.

And before you knew it, this version of “Chinese” food had tickled the taste buds of people all over India adopting it in their own way, from Chinese Bhel Puri to Chinese Idli, spring rolls in canteens to momos on the streets. Simply put, it is the Indian adaptation of Chinese cooking techniques and seasonings with a unique tadka.

Yes, this Chinese dessert isn’t all that Chinese after all.8.

American Chop Suey: An all time favourite, these noodles are a really popular side dish, tossed with greens like cabbage and capsicum, chicken or shrimp and sweetish chilli garlic sauce.

But in India, it’s pan fried, really spicy and a favourite in every household. Manchow Soup: In the Indian version, Manchow Soup is a soy-based spicy soup flavoured with garlic and ginger, cooked with vegetables or meat, spruced up with scallions, carrots, celery and garnished with fried noodles. Spring Rolls: The Chinese call it Chūn Juǎn and are actually Cantonese-style dumplings made for welcoming spring.

But here in India, they are fried golden, loaded with vegetables juliennes and served often as party snacks. Szechwan: Flavour-packed, fiery red and ridiculously spicy - Indians have a love affair with Szechwan sauce and add it to just about anything, from fried rice to noodles, gravies to bhel puris.

His temperament is solid, decided and above all very energetic.

Darsaan: Flattened egg noodles cut into strips, deep fried, coated with honey, sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with ice cream.While Cantonese cuisine is sweet, Sichuan is spicy and Shangdong is crispy and tangy.The Chinese use ingredients like chow sum, bok choy, watercress, Sichuan pepper, ma po tofu and more in their food.At the same time sincere and convivial, the Pig-Aries is more at ease with reality rather than with the wondrous dreams or imagination.Indeed, the Pig-Aries is endowed with a purely logical ability and is devoid of any attraction for the mysterious.

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