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Where they could run around having the times of their lives and that the emphasis was on feeding your brain rather than just going wild in a field.A place to leave feeling inspired rather than exhausted.As a parent, I think that you are always looking to do the job as well as you can, but it’s never going to be perfect.When I was a young single mum to a 1 ½ and 3-year-old travelling long haul with loads of layovers it had no structure- I was exhausted.The wild girl of west Wales has grown up – and she has the MBE to prove it!Cerys has 3 kids, Red Owen Abbot 7 Glynys Pearl y Felin Riddle 13, Johnny Tupelo Jones Riddle 12.

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The Gladstone’s are friends of ours and we got talking about how much we all love festivals both as punters and performers.I love the structure that it gives, it was certainly not something that goes along with being in the arts and touring.I see my main job now as being here mentally and physically for the kids to help them develop into happy and independent members of the community.What is particularly interesting to me today, with regards to my Welsh heritage and that of future generations, is the current situation in rural Welsh communities. With that, it was time to say hwyl fawr (goodbye), Cerys had a little boy bouncing around waiting to tell his Mam all about his day.Where I am from in Pembrokeshire the language is dying because people are leaving to find employment. Heulwen and I were left with was just how down to earth, how intelligent and focused she is.

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