Can we be friends after dating

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You can’t meet someone new because your old love is still in your life—hanging around being your pal and reminding you how great they are.

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If you want to be friends with an ex, this is another area where you’ll need to consciously work to reconsider your habits.Jerry Seinfeld wisely observed that breaking up with someone was like trying to tip over a soda machine. The logic usually goes, ‘I do like her as a person. The ever present danger for these types of friendships is a backslide. Once it is moving and unstable, only then you can push it over. It is difficult to tell another person, ‘I don’t want a romantic relationship with you.’ Hearing it from someone else is clearly worse. From an intellectual level remaining friends may seem like a good idea. If both individuals are emotionally mature, and completely lacking in romantic feelings for each other, then a jump straight to the friend zone might be possible. Mutual breakups are usually not mutual, and the breakee is holding on to some strong romantic desires.—but rather, ‘how long can I keep them in my back pocket’? Your memories may haunt you, and make it difficult to find someone new.But imagine the likelihood of this happening if you’re still seeing the person regularly.

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