Brenda song and andrew garfield dating

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Marcia Cross treated herself to manicure and pedicure spa treatments at the Nail Garden in L. Dave and Odette Annable and Aaron Paul attended the Ermenegildo Zegna and benefit for the Art of Elysium's documentary film project in Beverly Hills.

Emma Roberts and Olivia Munn celebrated the Levi's new spring 2012 collection at Stage 37 in NYC.

The film was only just announced but we had a feeling it would be super popular, so it was a priority that we speak with the gregarious and friendly star of the movie. Brief Take: You have a lot of projects being released at the same time!

Despite not being able to talk about it directly, Song was still able to make us want to watch the film greatly (streaming tomorrow! Brenda Song: I feel very grateful that this is a crazy summer and year for me.

So yeah, there aren’t many people who I have come across that I wouldn’t work with again. [laughs] BT: You have passionate fans and supporters.

It was a very, very small cast so we got to know each other well.

I literally started to trust these men with my life because a lot of the time we were shooting in crazy conditions, lots of night shoots, rain showers, we were shooting in sort of desolate areas. ” [giggles] BT: And you recently wrapped on Dollface?

A couple of years ago, I never thought that they would be so open to an Asian-American lead.

I know that Disney – I will say this, they were ahead of the curve with always doing colour-blind casting.

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