Autistic christian people dating

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Here are some examples of my experience: Before the service, I’m sitting in my seat at church: one or more people are talking to me; the band is playing; the minister is walking in; there’s lots of moving visuals on the screens; several people are wearing strong perfume; there’s loud noise from the heating system; unpleasant coloured electric light.

And I am sitting there unable to filter out sensory information that I don’t need, and feeling increasingly tense.

But I find that typical evangelical worship services are more God and so require several steps of abstraction and interpretation to become a real meeting, this means that I often feel disconnected.5.

Remember spontaneous prayer is not the only way to pray.

The diagnoses began to make sense of my life up to that point, spiritually as well as every other aspect.

Many areas of my life had been quite difficult, but now post-diagnosis I benefit from much more self-awareness and self-compassion.

This is normal for me and many everyday situations are exhausting.

Now as an adult, I still have confusion from being in a busy environment.

My current difficulties in church are from many small things that add up to it being a real effort.

Keep the volume of speakers to the lowest that is audible to all.

Sounds that are too loud can be physically painful.

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