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What follows is a whirlwind of romance and white lies, as Grace carefully negotiates her personal ties to Chinatown, Wall Street and high society.

Rating: PG-13 for language Studio: Slow Hand Releasing/ Gaiam Year: 2010 Starring: Mark Consuelos, Chandra West, Corbin Bernsen Genre: Romance/ Family Synopsis: Still grieving over the loss of his wife, firefighter Steve Lockwood (Mark Cansuelos) starts taking unnecessary risks on the job, though none in his romantic life.

The last five years start to unfurl before our eyes, recounting Sarkozys unstoppable ascent to power, riddled with in-party backstabbing, media manipulation, riots, sarcastic confrontations and extra-marital affairs.

As the French people are getting ready to go to the polls to elect their new president, presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has shut himself away in his home.

Though Sarkozy soon learns he has won the election, he is alone, gloomy and despondent.

However due to legal disputes with the band's manager, the other members never filmed their scenes. See more » This "movie" is possibly the worst movie I have ever witnessed.

The cliché''s, stereotypes and unoriginality breeds for a disgusting and face-palming experience.

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