An error occurred updating the password database

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If your problem is not listed here, you’ll want to check out the . Whatever your goals or expertise, Dream Press makes your Word Press site fast, secure, and successful. This error occurs when there is an issue with your site’s code, most commonly in message, you can see that it even tells you on what line the problem exists.Now we just need to find that line and fix the problem.You should now be able to check your site and see that it’s back to normal.One of the most infamous and cryptic errors in Word Press is the dreaded White Screen of Death (WSo D).As such, if you can’t access the database, your site won’t be able to function at all. If the hostname, username, password, and/or database name in the file are incorrect, replacing them should fix the error.

This includes your posts, pages, and user information.

Fortunately, this error has fewer potential causes than the WSo D.

It will appear when an unknown issue occurs with the server, and is generally caused by one of the following: is a file that dictates how your site communicates with its server.

This file can be used to increase your site’s security, and to override some of the default server settings.

To test and see if this file is causing the Internal Server Error, all you need to do is disable it. The file is usually located in your site’s root directory, which is often titled should be familiar to most internet users.

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