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He is torn between his two worlds, as his mother and brother both want him to relocate while his friend Coop struggles with gangs and his cultural shift in lifestyles.

Spencer continues to travel down South but his friend Coop continues to hang out with gang member Shawn and forced to pledge loyalty by dropping off what is supposed to be drugs but actually a gift to an ex-member's grandmother and soon informs Spencer that he has to live his own life.A confrontation between Shawn and Spencer and an injury leads to Beverly Hills losing the game.At an American football session, Asher continues to grow frustrated with Spencer and soon creates a meme to ridicule him and sends it across the school.Meanwhile, Coop begins falling for a girl named Patience at her mother's church choir soon revealed to be the reason that she hasn't come out as lesbian due to the religious belief's of her family.The tensions between Asher and Spencer increase when they attempt to fight at a session and soon Jordan experiences Spencer's former life in South LA before Beverly after defending Spencer against Asher.

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