Alaska dating scene

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I had hoped to have my own place ready before I got off the plane, but that was easier said than done.

Before I left, I found several apartment listings online—but as soon as I told the prospective landlord that I was still in Indiana, they lost interest in me.

And when I say “new,” I mean new to —it can be (gently) used.

You don't want to spend too much, in case things don't work out.

Interviewing with the paper over the course of a couple of months also meant I knew people before I stepped off the plane, and they were willing to help me get started in town.

For example, Bob, the paper's sports editor, let me crash on his couch my first week in Fairbanks.

But when I wanted to move back to the Lower 48, I was up against a lot more competition—and in for a lengthy job search.

hoping to get some solitude for a while and it turns out there's not much else that this place has to offer. Love to be sub to the right woman who knows how to NOT treat me like a delicate flower. Into age play with women either much younger than me or much older than me.Alaska may be part of the United States, but it can feel like a completely alien culture.Remember that show “Northern Exposure,” whose primary point seemed to be that Alaska was ?So is moving back to the Lower 48, as I did after three years.In case one day you, too, decide to pick up and move far from everything you've ever known, here's what I learned.

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