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Waited at hotel room for 2 hours they never contacted me. I think top sex sites like hookuphangout or flirt have raised the bar so the golden oldies have no choice but to bring their A game'.I for one welcome this development, its about time us horny singles got a good deal. I paid for premium, just the first level, cancelled 2 months later.


Tinder and the 20 other similar apps are much more usable, that's why AFF tries to charge for everything and generates revenue from the webcammers. We can't read messages, can't broadcast & most of the time I can't even get IM's because their constantly disappearing from my inbox.I called customer service twice on the issue, both times the reps could BARELY speak English, had absolutely NO customer service skills or knowledge about the site. OH & NO APOLOGY OF COURSE for my MAJOR inconvenience & their seriously f*cked up site, just awkward, dead silence & scripted responses. You cant even contact users and this is after you pay.They just give that standard, scripted response: "you must be a gold member." Ummm actually NO. They used to give us a FREE gold membership simply for accruing a ton of points from other members. Now when you call customer service they say "We haven't had any complaints about our website, blablabla thanks & goodbye" HAAAAH!!! I warned them to cancel my account and dont charge my credit card again.And I KNOW my im's aren't even sending because I get the same guys that have been trying to hookup with me for MONTHS but my messages STILL don't get through!I don't think your gold members would be too happy to know that us standard members can't even READ messages from them!!!!! This site is literally useless for me at this point.

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