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If you took Enders Game and mashed it together with Starship Troopers, The Iron Giant and, Robotech, you would end up with something like Mech Cadet Yu. giant bug monsters and this satisfied that need in me quite nicely.

While it is definitely geared towards a younger audience, even an old fucker, like me, found joy in it; and I will certainly be carrying on with the 2nd volume.

This was geared towards younger audiences and read like an afternoon school cartoon but I think there's enough here for adults to like as well.

The art is bright and colorful, everything you could want in a series like this. The issues-to-be-addressed in terms of important life lessons for kids were awfully obvious.

Marvel), Mech Cadet Yu is a heartfelt underdog story set in a bright and bold sci fi world, uncovering the true makings of heroism and friendship in the face of overwhelming odds.

This collection includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Mech Cadet Yu, including the comic short story that inspired the series.

Hell, I've still got Voltron and a Shogun Warrior on a shelf in my basement.

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From bestselling author Greg Pak (The Hulk, Superman) and fan favorite artist Takeshi Miyazawa (Runaways, Ms.

My first glimpses of Mech Cadet Yu rekindled the spark in me so I had to give it a shot. It feels like it's destined to be a cartoon someday.

Stanford Yu is a janitor at the Mech academy when he accidentally bonds with a damaged Robo and patches him up. I complain about decompression in today's comics but I didn't notice it here. Also, I really like the way the relationship between Stanford and his Mech, Buddy, was portrayed.

) He gets his chance when one of the three mech robots crashes before it can bond with overachiever cadet Park, and chooses Stanford instead.

The robots are sentient but unable to speak, like Iron Giant, and in one case a robot is altered against their will - there's room for ethical and social commentaries of course, but the book leans heavily into its YA Saturday morning cartoon approach.

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